Thunderbolt in the Dark Void

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Hello I'm Hannah Beth and i'm 18. I'm a poet and an artist and queen of the bloggers.

im writing a script for my german class for extra credit and he said it could be about anything we wanted so i’m writing about how my friends and i are trying to do homework but our other friend comes and says we should party and so we all party instead…. art imitates reality 

guess what i’ve been OVER A MONTH without meat im so proud of myself :~~~~) im amazing 

okay well ive traveled a lot for my age which im really thankful for but now it’s like this constant itch like if i haven’t traveled for a month or so (even like a lil weekend road trip) i feel like i’m going CRAZY like i just wanna spend my whole life hoping from place to place with maybe a handful of people who I love traveling with me in order to keep me grounded but idk…. i never wanna stop moving im not content with sitting still it’s hard to explain 

can someone who is fluent in german edit these papers once i finish them? they need to be edited for grammar not content my grammar is literally so awful it’s the worst ever so you have to not laugh at me 

being an etsy seller is cool as hell but also very stressful… i’m supposed to writing a 10 page paper due friday but im cutting up stickers. it’s like kindergarten but with real-life consequences.