Thunderbolt in the Dark Void

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Hello I'm Hannah Beth and i'm 19. I'm a poet and an artist and queen of the bloggers.

My parents are really mad at me, like “we’re ashamed you’re our daughter,” mad at me, like screaming and yelling, never mind why bc it’s just a lot of little things that have been Building all summer, but I’m scared they’re gonna make me stay home another semester and Learn To Be An Adult bc they think I’m crazy and irresponsible and out of control and lazy, which is all true, but idk I’m so bad at this I always make them angrier because I can’t just BE YELLED AT I have to defend myself even if I’m wrong and right now I’m scared and angry and I just wanna move out and never ever ever move back home again I can’t deal with this

Person: omg you’re really tall
Me: thank you I have never noticed I thought that the reason clothes don’t fit me and I have to buy all my dresses in size XL and they STILL don’t cover my butt so I’m always walking around in what looks suspiciously like very oversized t-shirts was that clothing stores are making everything for small children, but now that you have been kind enough to be the first person ever to point it out to me that I’m tall, I finally know the truth

I literally only have 10 days to move out of my entire house and that involves like buying a ton of new furniture and all the house things you don’t think of until you need them like mixing bowls and cleaning supplies and trash cans, plus I have 800 etsy orders to ship and I’m still working a full schedule at the coffee shop, but OF COURSE the only thing in my life I have the energy to prioritize is reading. My to-do list is so long it could wrap around the globe twice, but all I can do is read. I’m reading so much that my neck is cramping. I’m reading while I brush my teeth and at stoplights and setting alarms for 4am so I can wake up to read. What’s wrong with me SOS