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Hello I'm Hannah Beth and i'm 19. I'm a poet and an artist and queen of the bloggers.

Geez I’m tired as hell, but I really want to record everything for the sake of nostalgia and stuff also because it was a really fun day and I want to talk about it with someone other than my baby brother

1. First I had debate class, which has been forced upon me by the gods of fate. But despite the fact that I absolutely hate debate, it was a really good class! I pretty much already know everyone in the class, and it’s my fourth year with that teacher. Michelle is in there, and Tijienene and a few other people I really like. There were some people I don’t get along with, but that’s life. It should keep things interesting at least.

2. Then I had creative writing and I was SO EXCITED! That’s my favorite class ever in the history of ever, and it’s been the same group of us since the start, and we’re such a small class and very close. It’s been really emotional actually? We had the lower class with us today, and I’m not exactly fond of all of them, but I was overjoyed to see my teacher and all my friends and I just can’t wait for the year to progress and to see what happens with us as a group. We had to do “three truths and a lie” or whatever and I was so tempted to be like “i’m famous on the internet” but then I realized what a horrible idea that is.

3. Third hour is the only class I have every day (block scheduling) and I have AP Psych, which I’m so excited about! The teacher seemed alright and it’s a huge class but my friends Michelle and Amber are in it, and a few other people who I like well enough. I sit with a bunch of moderately intimidating theater major who probably follow me on tumblr and are judging me right at this second but that’s alright. I’m mostly looking forward to abnormal psychology (of course) but the rest of the course sounds really interesting too.

~then I had lunch~ and I got my locker and I ate with Kara and Amber at our normal spot and we got to see Mikeshia and Anthony and the film teacher lady whose name I can’t spell but who I love a lot and it felt really nice and then we took a stroll like always and i was so happy

4. Then I had AP Literature which is the other class I was most excited about because I LOVE literature. I really don’t like my teacher much because on the first day she told us that poetry is “boring, but we have to study it” and I almost flipped over my desk and left but I stuck around and i’m glad because then we got to talk about the books this year and i was super excited because they’re all really interesting books that I’ve been meaning to read. I had to act apathetic though so that no one would guess what a huge nerd I am deep within my soul. The people in that class are decent. My friend Sophie is there, who is also a creative writing major with the exact same GPA, SAT scores, and AP scores as me, so I feel we have a deep connection in our souls. Maybe. 

5. Fifth hour was AP gov/econ which is a boring class that I am being forced to take against my will, but I’ve heard the teacher is good and i have a really great class! Sophie and Charlotte and Amber and Savannah and other people who I like/can tolerate are in that class so that should actually be fun. Kind of. Not really.

6. I had AP art history which I was SO EXCITED ABOUT but now I’m really scared… there was only one other girl in the class who is the same major as me, and then one music major and then the WHOLE REST OF THE CLASS was visual majors. Visual majors actually make me very nervous because they all seem to know what they’re doing all the time? And they’re also just kinda cool which is something I’m not, and we all had to go around and say who our favorite artist was and everyone was just listing off artists like it was something they did in their sleep and I DON’T KNOW ANY ARTISTS AT ALL so I was tempted to just make up a name and be like “he’s really underground; you probably haven’t heard of him” but then I just said Salvador Dali because I love surliest lit so I mean why not? Anyway I hope that class doesn’t suck because I was looking forward to it a lot.

7. I took 7th hour off this year! I just had to go sign in and then I could leave school early with two of my best friends and we listened to fun. really loudly and got Chipotle and that was really nice 

Idk it was just a really great day overall. I’m exhausted but excited about tomorrow. My classes seem great and my friends are great and this is going to be a wonderful year. 

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